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School Board Approves Employee Pay Raises

June 26, 2023

eagle newsThe Argyle ISD Board of Trustees approved pay raises during the Thursday, June 22 Regular Board meeting.

The Board unanimously approved a 3% pay increase for Argyle ISD faculty and staff. For all other staff, the pay increase will be calculated on the pay grade midpoint. Additionally, the beginning aide and student nutrition pay will be increased to $15.00/hr.

With this approval, the Board continued its commitment to teacher and staff retention and during an inflationary period.

“We are grateful for our educators here in Argyle ISD, their dedication and selflessness to provide our children with the best educational experience possible is inspiring,” Argyle ISD School Board President Sam Slaton said. “Without our educators, this district would not shine as bright as it does, we are thankful to be able to provide this raise in a time where school finance has numerous challenges.”

The pay increase will be reflected in September for the majority of employees.

“I appreciate the willingness of the Board to approve a pay raise for all employees,” Argyle ISD Superintendent Dr. Telena Wright said. “Recruiting and retaining teachers is an ongoing challenge, and receiving a raise in this inflationary time is so critical for employee morale.”