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AHS Wind Ensemble Performing in San Antonio

wind ensembleFebruary 9, 2023

The Argyle High School Wind Ensemble has been selected as the Texas Music Educators Association AAAA Honor Band and will be performing in San Antonio at Lila Cockrell Theatre on Friday, Feb.10 at 4 p.m. in conjunction with the annual TMEA convention. The Argyle High School Wind Ensemble will be one of only three High School Concert Bands state-wide to perform as an Honor Band this year. Over 20,000 music educators from across the state and country will be in attendance.  

“This is such a huge honor for our band program, school district, and community," AHS Band Director Jason Bird said. "The extraordinary efforts of students, parents, alumni, administration, faculty, staff, and all stakeholders are what make this entire performance possible.”

This is not the only time an Argyle ISD group has performed at this prestigious event. Previous TMEA performances include the 2022 Invited Choir under the direction of  William Griswold. 2009 AAA Honor Band under the direction of Kathy Johnson, 2006 AA Honor Band under the direction of Cindy Mikel, and the 2005 C Honor Band under the direction of Chris Burk.

Here is what some of the students said about being part of this event:

“Getting to perform as an Honor Band for TMEA has been such an amazing opportunity for our ensemble," said Maya Medrano, a senior flutist. "It's a great privilege to get to work with such dedicated peers to showcase what we love. I am grateful my high school career concludes with the people I love most and on a good note”

"Being named the TMEA Honor Band is such a high honor, and I’m so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to perform alongside my friend and amazing musicians,
 said Morgan Lemish, a senior french hornist.”

“I am excited to perform in San Antonio because of all the hard work we have put into preparing. I am excited to show everyone what we have been able to accomplish," said Andrea Villalobos-Hernandez, a junior trombonist.

“The preparation for this performance has been demanding, but I am eager to show off all of the hard work we have put in,” said Caroline Deffenbaugh. a junior percussionist.

“It's not the crowd or the stage lights that make me excited, it's the fact we get the chance to perform things we have been working on for months," Gordon Pezzuto, a freshman trumpeter.

“It is an absolute honor to perform as the TMEA Honor Band. The dedication and sacrifices that have been made for this performance is incredible," said Jonah Bird, a junior bass trombonist.

The concept of the Honor Band originated during the term of Joe Frank, Sr., who served as the TMEA Band Division Chair from 1958 to 1960. The purpose was twofold. Many educators believed that through the process of hearing and observing the results of quality teaching, directors could develop their own instructional skills to a higher level. In addition, selection of an honor band in each classification recognized communities and school systems that successfully supported music in education through their instrumental music programs.

Through the years, participation has been active and the recognition of exemplary programs through the Honor Band selection process has become a most sought after goal by many directors. As a result, the quality of honor groups has remained high and the original purpose of growth and development through observation of superior teaching and performance has been addressed annually and maintains its validity. Teachers throughout the state have definitely had the opportunity to learn from master teachers by attending honor band performances and clinics.