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Student Nutrition Department Earns Perfect Review

west cafeJanuary 19, 2023

Argyle ISD is very proud to recognize its Student Nutrition Department! Through an administration review by the Texas Department of Agriculture, Argyle ISD earned a PERFECT review with zero findings! The review covered critical areas of review both district-wide and a site visit at Argyle West Elementary.

The department received a letter from the state recognizing the department and its commitment to the highest standards of care and service by teaching children the relationship between proper eating and good health.

"We are proud of our team for achieving their second consecutive zero findings audit," Student Nutrition Director Amy Bresnahan said. "We know this is the result of the hard work they do each day to ensure all guidelines are met while also providing high-quality meals to the students of Argyle."

The USDA administrative review process for the National School Lunch program is an intensive 12-week review process that audits all aspects of the program, including procurement processes, financial responsibility, menu planning, distribution of meals, food safety, wellness policy, and much more.

Most of the audit process is conducted off-site and requires our administrative staff to work closely with TDA auditors to compile and submit all required documentation. The audit ends with a one-day on-site visit where auditors observe meal preparation, meal service, and food production documentation practices.