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School Board Approves 4% Raises for Employees

eagle newsJune 20, 2022

The Argyle ISD Board of Trustees approved a 4% of market pay raise for all employees during the Monday, June 20 regular Board meeting.

The raise includes $2,450 for each teacher and librarian and a 4% general pay increase calculated on the pay grade midpoint for all other staff. The Board also approved raising the minimum classroom aide pay to $13.50/hour which includes library, EBL, PE and nurse aides. 

"I am very appreciative that the Board has approved this very well deserved raise," Superintendent Dr. Telena Wright said. "Inflation has drastically increased the cost of living and the employees have worked tremendously hard throughout the challenging times of the past three years."

Additionally, the Board approved providing "employer-paid" Telehealth insurance to every employee and their family members. This will allow every employee to have free Telehealth insurance.