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Argyle ISD Forming High School Advisory & Planning Committee

high school frontMarch 23, 2022

During the Argyle ISD bond planning process, the community-led Bond & Growth Planning Committee (BGPC) discussed the long-term plans for the high school.

Throughout these discussions, the focus centered on whether the future high school configuration in AISD would be one high school or two high schools. The BGPC also sought feedback from the community on this topic through a survey that posed this question to the Argyle ISD stakeholders.

The charge of the BGPC by the Argyle ISD School Board was to evaluate district enrollment, finances and facilities in the building of the 2022 bond proposal. This proposal does not include future construction or additions to the high school or middle school on Highway 377. This school year, Argyle ISD opened the new Argyle High School in Canyon Falls and the current enrollment is 1,350 in grades 9-12.

What is the long-term plan for the high school?
In its decision-making, the BGPC did designate Argyle Middle School as a future high school with a configuration to be determined for the district (discussions included a second 9-12 campus or a 9-10 campus aligned with AHS as an 11-12 campus). The district will form a high school advisory and planning committee to evaluate the long-term plans for the high school. A new middle school is part of the current bond proposal and the designated location would be on the west side of I-35.

Who will be on the high school advisory & planning committee?
The committee will include parents, staff, students and community members. They will study and evaluate the impact of future high school scenarios related to instruction, enrollment, cost, facilities, transportation and many other points of emphasis. Argyle ISD will also provide town hall meetings to allow the committee an opportunity to receive feedback as they work through this process.

When will it be formed?
The committee will be formed during the spring of 2022. Through meetings, the committee will be charged with presenting a recommendation to the School Board for consideration.