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Parents & Students

Welcome to the heart of the Argyle Independent School District's Parents & Students Home—a centralized hub designed for your convenience and support.

Here, discover an array of essential sections catering specifically to your needs:

Anonymous Alerts: Ensuring a safe and open environment, where concerns can be addressed anonymously.

Attendance: Details and policies related to student attendance, keeping you informed about this crucial aspect of your child's education.

Background Checks: Information and procedures regarding background checks for school-related activities.

Registration: Your go-to resource for enrollment procedures and necessary documentation.

Busses & Transportation: Everything you need to know about transportation services provided by the district.

Class Link - Student Hub: Access to an interactive learning platform designed to enhance your child's educational experience.

Family Access - Skyward: Your gateway to essential academic and administrative information, facilitating seamless communication between home and school.

Inclement Weather Procedures: Guidelines and updates regarding school operations during inclement weather conditions.

Online Payments & Web Store: Convenient options for online transactions and access to the district's web store.

School Start & End Times: Clear information about school hours for effective planning and organization.

Student Code of Conduct (SCOC): A comprehensive guide outlining expectations and behavioral standards for students.

Volunteers: Information on becoming involved in school activities through volunteering opportunities.