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Student Nutrition

The Argyle ISD Student Nutrition Department strives to support the district's educational goals by providing nutritious meals that students enjoy and by promoting the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products. 

Good nutrition and learning go hand-in-hand.

Argyle ISD is very proud to recognize its Student Nutrition Department! Through an administration review by the Texas Department of Agriculture, Argyle ISD earned a PERFECT review with zero findings! The review covered critical areas of review both district-wide and a site visit at Argyle West Elementary.

The department received a letter from the state recognizing the department and its commitment to the highest standards of care and service by teaching children the relationship between proper eating and good health.

Student Nutrition Staff

Amy Bresnahan

Director of Student Nutrition

Tyler Sullivan

Assistant Director of Student Nutrition

Dalizeth Diaz

Culinary Coordinator