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Child Find

All children with disabilities residing in the state, who are in need of special education and related services, including children with disabilities attending private schools, must be identified, located, and evaluated. This process is called Child Find.

Children 3-5 Years of Age Who Are Not Enrolled in School
If you are concerned about your child's development in language, cognition, motor skills, self-help or any other area, you may contact the principal of the campus your child would attend if enrolled in school. You may also contact: Dr. Mark Ruggles, Director of Special Education, 940-464-7241,

Children in Private or Home or School (All Ages)
Children who are eligible for special education and attend private or home schools are not entitled to all of the services they would receive if they were in public school; however, certain services are available. To be eligible for special education services the child: must be evaluated; must meet criteria for an educational disability condition; must need special education. The services available to eligible children in private and home schools are called proportionate share services. The proportionate share services offered during a given year depend on the most “in-demand” need at that time. Evaluations for children in private or home school are typically conducted by the school district in which the private or home school is located. If your child has been or might be eligible for special education and your child attends a private or home school within the boundaries of Argyle ISD ISD, please contact: Melissa Kistler, Administrative Assistant, 940-464-7241,

Children Enrolled in an Argyle ISD ISD School
Click here to view information regarding Aiding Students Who Have Learning Difficulties or Who Need Special Education or Section 504 Services.