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Student Observers

Classroom Observation Request

Argyle ISD welcomes classroom observers during the Fall and Spring Semesters. To request placement for observing, please follow these guidelines:

Instructions for Prospective Classroom Observers and Program Supervisors

  1. All prospective classroom observers seeking placement in AISD are required to complete and submit a Classroom Observation Request and Background Check. Once completed, forward your request to your program supervisor to be reviewed, signed and submitted.
  2. The request should then be submitted by the Program Supervisor to:
  3. Vanessa Branch, Coordinator of Instructional Services
  4. Program applications, if available, may also be included with the request; however, only requests using the AISD forms will be processed. 
  5. Placement availability is limited, therefore, we ask that placement requests be made as soon as possible. It is preferred that all requests for classroom observers be submitted at one time to allow us the opportunity to secure appropriate placements for each student.
  6. Timelines for Placements

Deadline for requesting Fall Classroom Observation Assignments:       October 1
Deadline for requesting Spring Classroom Observation Assignments:  February 1

Students should not contact a Campus Principal or Teacher until placements have been arranged. 

Only requests from Colleges/Universities or Program personnel will be accepted. 
Please do not have students request placement via email or phone calls.