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Helpful Resources for Teacher

Making Google Site Public

Linking Argyle Webpage to Google Site


How to use Webex (video by D.Good)

How to use Webex Part 2

How to install Webex Teams

Adding Contacts/Groups

Cisco’s Getting Started Guide

Student guide to Webex


Student Information in QMLATIV

Printing Attendance Roster with Pictures *May NOT be used for attendance

Entering Attendance in QMLATIV (video link)

Creating Seating Chart in QMLATIV (video link)

Creating Assignments (video link)

Copying Assignments to Other Classes

Transfer Grades in QMALTIV (video link)

Removing Assignments

Scoring Assignments (video link)

Progress Reports

Missing Assignments Report

Mobile Teacher Access Overview

Student Grade History



Submit a Ticket in Eduphoria

Update Eduphoria Profile



Creating a Monitor List - Teachers w/o class rosters

Teacher Proctoring Online Test

Printing Answer documents in Aware

Viewing Assessment Data

Understanding the Analyze Tab

Administering an Online Test

Scanning Answer Documents

Online Test Accommodations

Create & Edit Teacher Teams

Teacher Teams & Viewing Data

Create and Edit Team Tests

Associating Test with Students 



Setting up your lesson planner - video; detailed information

How to edit your lesson planner - video; detailed information

Share a Planner/Build a Team Planner

Share a planner - Video

Share a Lesson Plan click sheet

Update Team Planner Members

Unable to edit or add a question to a test I created


Upload an out of district professional development certificate

Adding PD hours and checking hours in your portfolio

Register for PD

Add a professional goal

Add a student growth goal

PD offered through AISD