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Health Services

Each Argyle ISD campus has a Registered Nurse to serve the needs of students and staff. 

District RNs fulfill the following duties:

  • Perform state-required screenings (for vision, hearing, postural formerly known as scoliosis and Type II Diabetes Risk Assessment and other health assessments as needed
  • Administer physician-ordered medications, treatments and procedures to help kids stay in school, following state laws and district policies to ensure student safety
  • Perform professional nursing assessments for ill or injured persons, providing constant monitoring to those who are in urgent need until the arrival of parents or an ambulance, and referring those less urgent in need to the appropriate destination
  •  Provide first aid to injured students and staff • Teach health concepts to students in the classroom
  • To ensure that students are in compliance with required immunizations
  • Address health education/counseling needs on an individual basis in the health room
  • Serve on the campus as a resource for health promotion, accident prevention, infection control, and a safe school environment
  • Work on the campus as a team member for crisis management issues, helping with necessary drills for disaster preparedness
  • Interact with parents daily to communicate their children's health needs and status
  • Teach CPR, the use of the AED, first aid, and other important health topics of interest to the students, faculty and staff
  • Work with families to provide appropriate community referrals for needed health care
  • Serve as a contact person for other community health care professionals and between other facilities and the school to provide consistent care for the students