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TRS Retirees


If you’re considering returning to work for the district after you retire, please visit the TRS website to review the concepts and processes related to the restrictions on employment after retirement.  The Employment After Retirement pamphlet is a great resource. Please take a moment to review the information.

Once you’ve decided to return to work, you will need to familiarize yourself with the Employment After Retirement Limits for Retirees.  TRS imposes limits on the hours/days you may work within a calendar month and the district is required to report the hours/days worked by all TRS retirees, regardless of the type of work you are conducting for the district.

TRS retirees are required to track all hours worked in the district’s timekeeping system Frontline Time and Attendance.  Access to the timekeeping system is granted by the human resources department after all onboarding requirements are completed.  A link to the Frontline Time and Attendance website can be found on the payroll webpage.  The district offers the following options to clock in/out.

It is the responsibility of the TRS retiree to ensure their time is tracked correctly and submitted in a timely manner.  Every TRS retiree employee shall clock in and clock out each workday.  Failure to clock in or out may result in non-payment of unverified work time.  

Barcode Scan – barcode scanners can be found at the main entrance of each campus/department or an area designated by the campus/department.  Barcodes will be issued to each employee by their campus/department.

Computer (desktop or laptop)

Personal device (optional)