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AMS Guidelines and Procedures for Parent Pick Up

If a student needs to leave early, parents need to have their student bring a note to the office that morning. The student will be written an “Early Dismissal” note. It is the student’s responsibility to give the “Early Dismissal” note to the teacher at the beginning of the class period they will be leaving and they may leave at the specified time to sign out in the office.

Please try to pick up your student during passing periods to alleviate the amount  of interruptions to the classroom. Please refer to the “Bell Schedule”.

Please do not call or email for a pick-up time. The office is very busy and we cannot guarantee that we will have your student check-out on time.

Please do not text your student to come and wait in the office. A note needs to be sent in the morning before a student can be released for pick up.

Please make sure your student has an appointment, or excuse note every time they return to school. The student will sign in at the office with their note and will be given an “Admit Slip” to get back into class.

Please tell your student if they don’t feel well, the proper procedure is to go through the nurse first and she will call a parent to pick up when necessary.

Students will not be called out of class or given a message after 3 pm.

Unfortunately the school does not have public restrooms. If you are waiting in the car line, please plan accordingly.