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Williams, Amy » Amy Williams - Admin. Asst. / Attendance / Registrar

Amy Williams - Admin. Asst. / Attendance / Registrar


Please be sure to check Argyle Intermediate School Attendance Policies in our Student Handbook for more details.  Here are a few reminders:

  • Reporting Absences – Please email or call 940-464-5100 by 9:30 on the day of your student's absence.  Sending an email will excuse the absence and take care of reporting your student's absence. If calling, you can leave a voicemail if you do not get an answer but we will still need a doctor’s or handwritten note/email to excuse the absence.
  • Official attendance is taken every day at 9:30 A.M.
  • If your student misses during attendance time (9:30am) due to a doctor’s appointment, but attends school for the rest of the day please send a doctor’s note, as we still receive funding for these types of absences. We do not receive funding for all day absences even with a doctor’s note however they are considered excused.
  • Documentation- **Please provide a doctor’s note or handwritten note to the office within 3 days of absence for it to be excused.  In the handwritten note, please include student’s first/last name, date(s) of absence and your name.
  • Pre-planned Absences-  If you know your student will be out ahead of time, please use the AISD form which is accessible under General Parent and Student Resources on the AISD website. This is only for full day absences. You can find the form to the left.
  • To check your student’s attendance(and grades), click on this link: FAMILY ACCESS This is also accessible under Parent Resources on the AISD website.


  • If the student’s mode of transportation is changing, please contact the home room teacher prior to 12:00 P.M.
  • We cannot pull a student out of class until you arrive in the office due to loss of instruction.
  • If your student will be riding a different bus (with a friend or due to other circumstances), a parent note MUST be brought to the office prior to 12:00 P.M.  Students will not be allowed to board a bus without their stamped note that was approved by AISD transportation department.
  • Please bring in your driver’s license to pick up your student.