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Argyle High School Graduation 2021 - 8 PM, May 18 at Eagle Stadium

Lesson Plans


PLTW STEM Lesson Plans

April 12-16, 2021

*Lesson Plans are subject to change



Objective: We will research different types of technology. I will analyze positive and negative effects of technology.

EQ: Which type of simple machine was most often  used in your Rube Goldberg Machine? Why?

Activity A.4 What Is Technology?

  1. PLTW What is Technology PowerPoint
  2. Technology Chart


Objective: We will learn about Willard Wigan and nanotechnology. I will create a Fact or Myth Question.

EQ: Imagine you could build something from scratch, atom by atom. What would you build?

Activity 2.1 Nanotechnology

  1. Read Activity 2.1 Introduction
  2. Introduce Willard Wigan, a sculptor--
  3. Students will complete Activity 2.1 Nanotechnology: Fact or Myth activity in Step 1 Procedure. 
  4. Students will check their answers using the Activity 2.1 Nanotechnology: Fact or Myth PowerPoint.
  5. Students will choose an area of nanotechnology that interests them, such as health, food, space program, textiles, or materials. Students will find an article online about the topic and create a Fact or Myth statement about the article to share with the class.

Nanotechnology Fact or Myth.


Objective: We will explore nanotechnology. I will determine the number of times you need to cut a strip of paper in half in order to make it between zero and ten nanometers long.

EQ: What is nanotechnology?

Activity 2.1 and 2.2 Nanotechnology

  1. The students will share their fact or myth statement from Activity 2.1 Nanotechnology: Fact or Myth. As each student shares their statement, students who believe the statement is a fact will stand; students who believe it is a myth will remain seated.  Afterward, the student presenting should explain why their statement is a fact or myth.
  2. Show Scale of the Universe Animation 
  3. Activity 2.2 Procedure/Activity-cut strip of paper (216 mm x 5 mm)
  4. What Is a Nanometer? PLW PowerPoint
  5. Glue in Notebook How Small is a Billionth Chart
  6. Discuss Conclusion Questions as a class


Objective:  We will explore Fullerenes. I will build a Buckyball.

EQ: What are the potential benefits and harmful effects of nanotechnology?

Activity 2.2a

  1. Show the video Powers of 10--As the video passes each power of ten, pause the video and ask students what the equivalent unit is using the appropriate prefix.  For example at 101 ask students how we refer to 101 meters (decimeter). What would you call 102 (hectometer) and so on?
  2. What are Fullerenes? Fullerenes Information
  3. Activity 2.2a Build Bucky Ball


Objective: We will research engineering careers. I will complete the Engineering Careers Scavenger Hunt. 

EQ: Why have new advances in nanoscale technology happened only in the last few years?

Virtual Day

  1. Activity A.5a Engineering Careers Scavenger Hunt