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Edtech Takeout - PD on the go

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EdTech Takeout is PD in small doses.
It's designed to:
Fit into your busy schedule
Give you new tools to consider
Help show your growth towards technology integration
(if that is one of your T-TESS goals)
Watch when you have time, fill in a short form and you're done. There will be a new how-to video each month, sometimes done by me, sometimes by others. They will be listed under "On the Menu" below, with their links, for easy access.
The Details:
  • One short video at a time (or two to total 8-10 minutes)
  • 15 minutes of Professional Development/Learning credit for each month's recommendation you watch
  • A form must be filled out for each video to get the PD/L credit
  • Using the info from the forms, I will generate a certificate for you at the end of the school year with all of your credit there, together.
  • The form can be found here: EdTech Takeout Form
  • If you watch the videos outside of your contract days, this can go towards your required summer hours.
  • This program is optional.
If you want help to use any of the tools, just let me know!
On the Menu 
February 2018
A great way to save time if there some comments you use repeatedly
in giving feedback on student work.
(read the article and watch the 7:37 minute video)
November 2017
(Google Forms and the FormMule Add-On)
Read the short article and watch the how-to video.
There is a template included in the article, making it easier to jump in!
October 2017
(There are two videos to watch, totaling just close to 12 min.)
Similar to Kahoot!, but...
the questions appear on the student device
you can see all of the student’s results, not just top kids
everyone proceeds at their own pace
could be homework
it can jumble question and answer order
can give correct answer at the end (you choose)
better for those students who don't really like the gamified scenario
Students can join with a code or via Google Classroom
(nice Google Classroom features...counts it as an assignment and
records their scores...also see who has done it and who hasn’t)
Quizizz - Gameplay video
May 2017
A video response/reflection tool. 
Teachers can choose to moderate...approving each video before it is posted for the class to see.
Flipgrid has a free version and a paid version.
In the free version you can have 1 grid, but unlimited topics.
So, you could use topics to break up the responses by class period if needed.
Flipgrid works on all devices.
April 2017
(There are two videos to watch, totaling just under 10 min.)
March 2017
February 2017
(There are two videos to watch, totaling just under 10 min.)
(Build better activities in minutes)
January 2017
(There are two 4-minute videos to watch.)
Screen Annotation in Mimio Studio
December 2016
(special, optional bonus feature: How-To use Padlet Mini_the chrome extension)