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Green, Will » ¡Hola! Bienvenidos a mi página web

¡Hola! Bienvenidos a mi página web

Welcome to my Spanish class web page. I have been at Argyle High School since 2014. I teach Spanish I and Spanish II Honors and serve as the LOTE (languages other than English) Department Chair. In this class, we use Spanish to converse daily because our goal is to be able to communicate using Spanish in real-world settings. So be ready to listen and talk a lot in Spanish-even if your Spanish syntax is broken at first. In class, you will learn using comprehensible input and understandable experiences (click here). In other words, we first focus on extensive listening with visuals and TPRS that include stories, video talks,  games, and class discussions, among other learning activities combined with some traditional methods of learning in a school setting. As a language teacher, I understand that it is necessary to make (many) phonetic and grammatical mistakes at first so that we can eventually communicate with others. If you are putting forth effort and come to class with a positive mental attitude, you will leave my class being able to speak. Most adults will tell you "I took Spanish in high school, but I don't speak a word". I am here to change that. My students should be able to hold a conversation in a real-world setting after taking my class.