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TWU Dual Credit


Dear Dual Credit Students and Parents,

I am going to give you some links and instructions to help you start the dual credit application process.  First of all, most of your dual credit questions can probably be answered on the TWU Dual Credit website at  Hopefully, the links and instructions that I provide will simplify some matters. 

  • Students who are requesting dual credit courses for the first time next year should complete the ApplyTexas application.  Returning dual credit students who applied last year and actually took dual credit classes this school year do not need to complete the ApplyTexas application.  For “shortened” application instructions that are specific to dual credit, please see  I would suggest that currently enrolled Argyle High School students who are relatively sure that they will meet all requirements to participate in dual credit should go ahead and complete the ApplyTexas application right away.

There is a $50 nonrefundable application fee that must be paid.  Students that participate in the Free Lunch Program may qualify for free tuition for up to six credit hours per semester.  Please contact Margo Bigbee for further information.

  • All dual credit students, first and second-year dual credit students must complete the TWU Permission Form for 2020-2021.  The permission form can be found at 
  • Make sure that you carefully complete all of the information asked for on the TWU Permission Form 2020-2021.  Students should use their full legal name and complete all items asked for.  The attachment BELOW will help you complete the course name, credit hours, and term(s) information. 
  • Student Signature and Date along with Parent Signature and Date are critical.  Please note that Parents must also provide Printed Name and Date.  TWU will not process the permission form unless signatures and dates are properly taken care of. 
  • After careful completion of the TWU Permission Form 2020-2021, please print out, scan and email to Margo Bigbee at  I will submit these forms to TWU.  This needs to be taken care of right away.

Presently students are unable to take the required TSI assessment due to COVID- 19.  TWU is allowing prospective dual credit students to acquire “waivers” using PSAT scores and STAAR scores.  Please refer to to see the required PSAT and STAAR scores. First, click on Eligibility and Requirements over on the left and then click on College Readiness Requirements in the center of the page, first bullet.  Scroll down to the “waiver” information.  I will be checking PSAT and STAAR scores and will provide that information along with the required Argyle High School transcript to TWU.  If a student does not have the required PSAT or STAAR scores, he/she will have to take the TSI at some point not determined at this time.  You will also see that ACT/SAT scores can provide a complete exemption for the TSI requirements.  The attachment BELOW will help you determine which sections of the TSI a student must satisfy with the “waiver.”  For example, a 2020-2021 junior who wants to take ENG 1013/1023 must satisfy the Reading/Writing readiness requirement with a PSAT EBRW (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing) score of 460.

I am going to stop at this point.  This is enough information for now.  Basically, first-year dual credit students need to complete the ApplyTexas application and complete and scan to me the COMPLETED TWU Permission Form 2020-2021 with all signatures and dates.  Second-year dual credit students need to complete the TWU Permission Form 2020-2021 with all signatures and dates and scan to me.  These actions need to be completed as soon as possible.  Presently there is not a set deadline, but one will probably have to be established in an effort to complete all necessary requirements.

Please forgive me for this lengthy email.  This is information that I usually “walk” the students through in a classroom setting.

Please contact Margo Bigbee at with questions and concerns.

Please see the attachments below.

Thank you,

Margo Bigbee