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Digital Tools

General Research 
Please click Website Evaluation to read "The 3 W's of Website Evaluation" so that you are aware of what to look for in a website to be sure it is legitimate.  Remember those fake websites we looked at this year?
Google Tip:  Add this to your google search terms to retrieve websites that are credible sources of information:      +org 
TexShare Research Databases from Gale
(Click on the icon above to go to the website) 

This is an Encyclopedia designed just for kids!  Students may search for articles, images, videos, and websites, as well as access a world atlas, information on animals by group or habitat, and dictionary.  Games are also available!  For teachers, lesson plans are available, as well as articles that cover the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards.  Check out this phenomenal resource today!  Please contact Mrs. Riley for login information.
(Click on the icon above to go to the website) 
Kids Infobits offers a ton of information on different subjects such as animals, music & movies, famous people, plants, sports, and technology.  Students may hear the text read aloud, see full-color photographs, download and print articles, as well as properly cite the information.  Please email Mrs. Riley for login information.
(Click on the icon above to go to the website) 
National Geographic Kids includes amazing adventures in science, nature, cultures, archaeology, and space. Please email Mrs. Riley for login information. 
Other Great Digital Tools Available
Scholastic ScienceFlix 
ScienceFlix provides our students with information in many different fields of Science (Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science, Technology, etc.).  This site provides videos and online articles about almost every Science topic available. Our students can also adjust the reading level of each article so it can be easily read according to their needs.  Science experiments and information on different careers in Science are also provided.  Please email Mrs. Riley for login information.
 Brain Pop!
 (Click on the icon above to go to the website)
This awesome site gives kids access to videos featuring Tim and Moby, who explain different types of concepts and subjects in an easy-to-understand way.  Each clip is just a few minutes long, and there are even quizzes that teachers can give students individually or as a class to check for understanding. Teachers can search for videos by Subject, Grade Level, or Learning Standards.  Please email Mrs. Riley for login information.
Maps101 is a cross-curricular resource and includes content for Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, Spanish and more. Maps101 provides over 7,000 K-12 maps; lessons; activities; National Geographic videos/historical maps; statistics; current event articles (Spanish and English); games/quizzes and more. Please email Mrs. Riley for login information.
 KidRex Safe Search Engine
                Click on the icon above for safe searching for online articles, newspapers, images, etc.
 Q-files Illustrated Encyclopedia
 (Click on the icon above to go to the Q-files website)
 Q-Files is an amazing online illustrated encyclopedia written especially for students.  Click on any tabs at the top to find wonderful, easy-to-read articles for research projects or to answer any questions you may have about a particular subject.  At the right side of the web page, click on "Q-News" for the latest news that kids will find interesting and relevant.