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Due to COVID-19 heightened health concerns, all new student enrollments will be handled completely online.  You will not need to contact the campus office first.  Please follow the instructions below for enrolling a new student online and be prepared to upload all necessary enrollment documents through the online process.  Enrollments will not be processed without at least one form of proof of residence noted on the right-hand side of this page.


New Student Online Registration for the 2020-2021 School Year


How to Register Your New Student Online For Hilltop Elementary Beginning May 18:

  1.      Go to Argyle ISD website, click the Info and Resources tab, the select registration.
  2.      Click on the School Address Zone finder. If your address is in the red zone you are zoned for Hilltop  Elementary.  Please ensure you enroll for the correct campus.  Online enrollments for the wrong  campus cannot be transferred and will have to be resubmitted.
  3.      At the top of the Registration page Click on 2020-21 New Students Click Here.
  4.      Create your Family Access Log In. (An email will be sent to the email address provided with your Family Access Username)
  5.      Log into Family Access by going BACK to the Info and Resources page and clicking on the words Family Access the left hand side. Here you will enter your Username and password.
  6.      Once you are in Family Access you will see the first screen which are the New Student Enrollment Tiles. Choose the tile that says 2020-21 NSE Hilltop.  This will take you to the first of 15 steps in the online enrollment process.  You will do this for each new Hilltop student you have.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have started or submitted an online enrollment, in order to access that enrollment again you will need to log into Family Access and click the Down Arrow next to the Home symbol and click on the words Family Access.  Please do not start another new student enrollment.

Please ensure ALL required enrollment documents have been uploaded and ALL forms have been completely filled out.  Any missing information will result in the enrollment being denied.  Of special note, on the Military/Foster Care form all questions but PK 2 and PK 4 must be answered. (If you are enrolling a PK student ONLY questions PK 2 and 4 are answered)
  1.      Once you have submitted your enrollment, the tile will say submitted. If anything is missing or needs   to be corrected the tile will say “denied”.  Please watch for emails regarding a denied enrollment and what needs to be corrected.  Once the enrollment has been approved the tile will disappear.  You will receive an email from the Hilltop registrar notifying you that your child’s enrollment was approved.

For questions regarding your enrollment contact Hilltop Registrar, Trista Wickstrum at

Please check out our New Parent Resource Guide for questions you may have.
Listed below are the types of documents we will require for proof of residence based on your living situation:
1.  If you reside in a home you own in Argyle ISD, we need your current Electric bill for that home.  We only accept the electric bill.  It cannot be a screenshot, statement printout or statement of service.
2.  If you are building or buying a home in Argyle ISD, you will need to contact the administrative office regarding a temporary residence approval.  You will need that temporary residence approval as your proof of residence.
3.  If you are renting a home in Argyle ISD, we will need your lease AND an electric bill in your name.  If the electric bill is not in your name we will need your lease AND the most recent electric bill in your landlord's name.
4.  If you and the student are living with a family that resides in Argyle ISD, you will need to contact the administrative office regarding a Host Home Application.  You will need to bring that approved Host Home form as your proof of residence.