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Are You Zoned For Argyle West Elementary? 

Please use the Argyle ISD School Zone Finder. 

If your home is in the blue section of the map then you are zoned for Argyle West.




Argyle West Elementary




The registration process for the 2020-2021 school year will take place entirely online until further notice.  Please ensure you have all required enrollment documents available ahead of time, as you will be prompted to upload them during the online process.  You will need:


  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • Vaccination Record
  • Parent Driver's License
  • Proof of Residency (Current Electric Bill, we only accept the Electric Bill) If you do not have an electric bill Please see the Proof of Residence information on the right.
  • Ethnicity Form - download this form in step 1 of the online registration and email to

**Uploaded Documents, QUALITY Matters**   

  • If possible, please scan in your student’s birth certificate for the best result.  It is important we have a FULL, CLEAR, FLAT copy of the birth certificate.  I cannot accept a partial picture of a birth certificate or a picture of a semi folded birth certificate. 
  • If you are taking a picture of a small document like a social security card or driver's license please place it on a white piece of paper before taking the picture.
  • If the document you are uploading is blurry and too small for you to read, then it is blurry and too small for me to read.  

Please choose from one of the following 3 options and follow the appropriate link.  


  1. If you already have a current student in Argyle ISD and are adding a new first-time Kindergartner or Pre-K student, log on to your Family Access/Parent Portal account, click on the down arrow by the house icon and choose New Student Enrollment.  This will link your Kindergartner to your current students and you will have convenient access to all your students under one login.  Please do not create a second parent portal account.  Choose the Argyle West 2020-2021 registration tile and complete the registration.  Click Here.
  2. If your student currently attends Argyle West, you will need to complete the returning student registration.   Log in to your Family Access/Parent Portal account.  Click on the down arrow by the house icon and choose Family Access, not new student enrollment.  When you are in Family Access you should see your students' tiles.  At the end of the tile list, you will see a green highlighted tile/box labeled 2020-2021 registration. Click on this tile and complete returning student registration.  Click Here.  
  3. If you are a new family to Argyle ISD, please create a Family Access/Parent Portal account to register your new student,  Click Here.  Once you have a Family Access account, log in, choose the Argyle West 2020-2021 new student registration, and complete. 

Enrollment is not complete until the required enrollment documentation is reviewed and processed by the campus registrar.  You will receive a confirmation email once the online enrollment has been processed and approved.  Please see registration helpful hints below to avoid frequent registration missteps.  


Please be sure to open ALL forms and complete each form including signatures. Helpful tips as you are completing registration:

  • Step 9- the Health Form - needs Parent info with phone numbers, emergency contacts with phone numbers and a signature at the bottom to be complete.
  • Step 10 - the Student Residency Form - Check the 1st box if you live in your own home. The first question is asking if any of those scenarios apply to you. If you do not live in your own home please continue through the form and choose what best describes your situation.
  • Step 12 - the Ferpa form needs a signature on the form even if you don't check any boxes.
  • Step 13 - the Foster Care and Military-Connected Form - complete each question as it applies including questions 5 and 6 and sign the form. Question 2 & 4 are for Pre-K only.  Questions 5 and 6 need to be answered by everyone.

If you have questions, please email Sue Tapp at






Proof Of Residence

Listed below are the types of documents we will require for proof of residence based on your living situation:
1.  If you reside in a home you own in Argyle ISD, we need your current Electric bill for that home.  We only accept the electric bill.  It cannot be a screenshot, or a service set-up statement.
2.  If you are building or buying a home in Argyle ISD, you will need to contact the Administrative Office to apply for a Temporary Transfer.  You will need this Temporary Transfer Form as your proof of residence.  Please see Administration contact information below.
3.  If you are renting a home in Argyle ISD, we will need your lease AND an electric bill in your name.  If the electric bill is not in your name we will need your lease AND the most recent electric bill in your landlord's name.
4.  If you and your student are living with a family that resides in Argyle ISD, you will need to contact the administrative office regarding a Host Home Application.  You will need to bring the approved Host Home Form as your proof of residence.