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Hilltop Music

About me:
This is my third year at Hilltop Elementary. I am so grateful to be a part of Argyle ISD. I love to travel with my husband and cook unhealthy foods. My main instrument is percussion, but I also play several other instruments.
Most importantly, I love my job! I'm super excited to get in the classroom with your young people and share the joy of music with them. I traditionally have an after school choir for 3rd grade and we are always looking for performance opportunities.  If you have any questions for me, my door is always open!
For more activities with Mrs. Barkley, click on the video tab to the right.
Feel free to contact me anytime! ( )
Additional Music Resources
Music Websites for EVERYONE:
  • Listen to a live orchestra.
  • Just Dance Kids on YouTube - Great for any age! Get up and get moving to some of your favorite songs!
  • Cosmic Yoga on YouTube - Great for any age, perfect for PK-1. Everyone is a musician and musicians need to take care of their instrument - their body! Enjoy engaging and calming adventures of stories through Yoga.
  • Music at Home Bingo - Still need some ideas? Check out the pdf below of more ways that you can be musical in your home.
  • Make your own instrument instructions. PDF's with instructions on how to create sound from recyclables.
  • Music At Home Bingo - Complete tasks on the bingo sheet. 


The Tale of Mr. Wiggle and Mr. Waggle

This is a finger-action story that is fun for the whole family. I can't tell you where I learned it, becuase I don't remember. That being said, please enjoy. :)

The Littlest Worm

This is yet ANOTHER song from my childhood. Enjoy and sing along! Mrs. Barkley loves you!!!

The Sun is in My Heart

Enjoy saying a poem with me. Can you use your high voice? Can you use your low voice? What other voices could you use?

I Want to Be a Great Big Dinosaur

This is a silly song I made for kindergarten this past week. (They were learning about dinosaurs!) If you are in kindergarten, look for more songs from me on your website this week. If you aren't in kindergarten, don't worry; I will post all of it on my web page, too! Music is for everyone!

The Green Grass Grows All Around

This is a student favorite. It's another song I grew up with! Videoing this was a challenge, but I hope you enjoy it! Sing this song with your family! Teach them your favorite music game from my class! Then, share it with me! Until we meet again, Mrs. Barkley

The Marvelous Toy

This is one of my favorite books! I grew up hearing this song and was so excited when I found it in a book. You can probably tell, but this book has been well loved and is held together with tape in some places. I hope this book finds your family well! I'm sending all my love in a song. I miss you all terribly. Love, Mrs. Barkley It was published by Imagine Books in 2009, with illustrations by Steve Cox. I do not have rights to these illustrations.