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Argyle High School Graduation 2021 - 8 PM, May 18 at Eagle Stadium

Special Message From Superintendent Regarding Status of School

Dear Eagle Families,
It was definitely a difficult and challenging week of historic winter weather, and thankfully the temperatures are warming. We know many of our families have been dealing with power outages, broken water pipes and damage. We are thinking about you and hope things are getting better!
If there is anything we know about our Eagle teachers, staff, students, families and community....we are definitely Argyle Strong together!
With this devastating winter weather, we have added another significant challenge to our lives and school year. But with these moments of adversity, we find out more about ourselves and our amazing staff, students and community. Last week, we supported each other, cared for each other and we are learning how to adjust and be flexible once again. 
Due to the freezing temperatures, four Argyle ISD facilities suffered flood damage - with the most severe being at Argyle Middle School and Hilltop Elementary. Argyle High School and the administration building had damage in contained areas. We acted quickly and secured a water damage restoration company that is working diligently to help mitigate the flooding in these buildings. I can't thank our Maintenance Department enough for their work around the clock assisting in the process to remove water.
We are also so grateful for our caring community and their support during this time. We understand many of you are wishing to provide donations for our teachers, but at this time we are evaluating what has been lost and working to restore our classroom needs through the district's insurance. Our principals will be communicating with teachers regarding the status of their classrooms.
-As we shared with you last week, Argyle Middle School and Hilltop Elementary will transition to Virtual Learning Feb. 22-26. Students and staff will not return to the campus until the restoration work is completed and the campus is in safe condition.
-All Argyle ISD students will engage in the district's Virtual Learning Day on Monday, Feb. 22
-Argyle High, Argyle Intermediate and West Elementary will be open and welcome back students both in-person and virtually on Tuesday, Feb. 23.

The following is an updated report on each campus/facility in Argyle ISD:
Argyle Middle School
The damage occurred after a sprinkler head connected to the fire sprinkler system froze and burst Wednesday morning and the campus has significant flooding. The damage is in the lower level of the academic wing and impacted the entire administration area. This is expected to be an immense project that will take at least all of this week. Argyle ISD officials will receive an update from the restoration company Thursday and we will notify families on the status of AMS and instruction for March 1-5. 
Hilltop Elementary
An exterior water faucet burst Friday morning and this campus has also sustained significant flooding. These areas include the main corridor, Pre-K/Kindergarten area, specials classrooms and portions of the library and administration offices. Argyle ISD officials will receive an update from the company working at Hilltop on Thursday to determine if more work is needed. 
Argyle High School
The campus suffered water damage Friday following a broken water pipe. The damage was in a contained area on the east side of the campus. The areas included the band practice rooms, choir room and minimal impact to the percussion hall. AHS staff worked to preserve instruments and equipment.
Argyle West Elementary
No damage reported. 
Argyle Intermediate School
No damage reported. Water to the school was shut off for a period of time last week following a broken pipe at the adjacent administration building. Water at the campus will be tested early Monday morning.
Argyle ISD Administration Building
The facility had three leaks in the mechanical closet and caused water damage in the administrative front offices and a portion of the office hallway and into the Board room. Water will be tested early Monday morning and the drying process continues. All administration building staff will report on Monday as scheduled.
Transportation/Maintenance Facility
No damage reported.
Together, we will work to have our Eagles back on all our campuses soon! 
Dr. Telena Wright
Argyle ISD Superintendent