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Argyle ISD will be closed through May 4th. Please refer to the "Eagle News" section of this website for more information.






Please find a list of frequently asked questions below. Effective communication is important to our district. We want to make sure our parents are fully informed. Please check the FAQ’s list first if you have a question. If your question is not on this list, there is a link at the bottom that will allow you to submit your question. Your question will then be answered and added to this FAQ sheet. 

  • When will the parents receive information regarding assignments from the campus their student/students attend? The campus principals will reach out on Monday, March 16th with more information.
  • Will the online classes be counted the same as school days so that we aren't delaying the end of school plans and having kids go to school through June? The students will be counted as present for next week. They will be receiving instruction online. 
  • What if I have a specific question that pertains to my child’s campus and not the district as a whole? There is a link at the bottom of this FAQ sheet that you can click on to submit a question. Your question will be answered via email.
  • Will students be penalized for not having access to technology/internet at home?

Students will not be penalized for not having access to technology. Students in Grades 6-12 have District issued ChromeBooks.

  • How will students be graded?

Students will be evaluated by their teachers on the assignments given.

  • How will the teachers contact the parents?

Email. If the parent has no email, phone. 

  • If a student needs a chromebook, will the district provide them?

Grades 6-12 have ChromeBooks. Other grades will not be issued ChromeBooks at this time.

  • If a student/parent needs a technology device, ipad or chromebook - can they use a district device?

Yes, if one has been issued they can use it.

  • Will the district pay for my students day care?

There are no funds provided for daycare.

  • Will the district provide day care for children?

No, the district is closing and has no personnel for daycare.

  • Will the district be able to provide breakfast and lunch for the students needing meals?

If your student needs a meal during the school closure, let us know. Please click here to fill out a request - AISD MEAL REQUEST

  • What about prom or other large events coming up?

These events will be considered on a case by case basis.

  • Will the employees in Argyle ISD still be paid during the week the district is closed? Yes
  • When will we know the date school will be back in session?

We will evaluate the situation by March 20th and will relay all information. 

If you have questions that you would like to submit, please click on the link below. You will be contacted with an answer and your FAQ will be added to the district list.