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News from PE

Hello Parents!

Now that we have a week of school under our belt, the AIS PE department wants to make sure parents knew about a few policies we have. We talked with every class about these policies every day last week so the kids know :). 

1. SHOES: 

MUST be an athletic shoe that has a rubber sole, it covers the toes and heels and fits tight to the foot. If a student wears a non-athletic shoe (boots  of any kind, sandals, flip flops, slides, crocs, etc...) then they will be given stationary exercises to do off to the side. The point of the exercises aren't a punishment but rather an alternate form of activity....but they also do help the kids remember to wear (or bring) athletic shoes! 

If your child doesn't own a pair of athletic shoes, please contact us and we will work something out. 

2. SICK/INJURY notes:

A handwritten parent note or parent email must be sent to school regarding why the child can't participate otherwise the child will be encouraged to participate as best as they can. A parent email/note will last 3 days in PE. After that, if the injury or sickness requires more time out of activity then a doctor's note must be sent. Of course there are always exceptions to these rules, so if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!

We look forward to you partnering with us to make PE safe and fun!

Erin Baker

Cody Vanderford