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Argyle ISD Launches redesigned website
Christopher Sayler
We're excited to announce the launch of a new and improved district website (—crafted with the Argyle ISD community in mind.

The change stems from the district's previous website provider (Blackboard) being acquired by another company (Finalsite). In response, we've seized the opportunity to enhance the usability and introduce improvements to better serve the needs of our families, staff, and students.

The updated website is designed to offer a more user-friendly experience. What's more, get ready for the exciting launch of the Argyle ISD mobile app this spring, available for iOS and Android phones.


  • Same Content: Most of the current site's content has smoothly transitioned. While there's been some restructuring for efficiency, you'll find things still looking familiar.

  • New URLs: Take note that campus sites will now use their initials as a prefix in the URL (e.g., Hilltop Elementary School at

  • Ongoing Improvements: Beyond the launch, we'll continue making enhancements, adding staff photos, user bios, and additional website features.

  • External Links: Watch out for potential adjustments needed for old external links due to the new platform. If you find broken links or encounter issues, please let us know.


Your feedback is invaluable. If you come across bugs, broken links, missing content, spelling mistakes, or outdated information, please fill out this form.

We deeply appreciate your ongoing support as we work tirelessly to enhance our online resources, tailored for the entire Argyle ISD community of families.