District Financial Update

  • school financeArgyle ISD is in the midst of experiencing significant growth and has been since 2014. With this growth comes the need for additional instructional space to align with the enrollment growth impacting Argyle ISD.

    Since October 2014, Argyle ISD has added more than 1,600 students and is now a large Class 4A school district in the state. Significant growth and facility needs create additional funding required to support this growth and that comes through bond elections. Questions have arisen recently from the community regarding the district's financial stability, debt, land developments and the possibility of future bond elections.

    The following are a series of informational messages to help provide more clarity to the state of the district financially and the future as it relates to enrollment growth and capital needs. Please click on the link to read more information about the district's financial accountability, history of debt management, bond history and demographic outlook and growth.

    -Argyle ISD's Financial Accountability - JUNE 15, 2021

    -Argyle ISD's History of Debt Management - JUNE 24, 2021