Senior Timeline for College Admission

  • End of Junior Year/Summer

    • Register for the SAT and/or ACT
    • Register with the NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse if you have hopes to play college sports
    • Try to narrow your college list to 5-8 colleges 
    • Begin preparing for the application process by working on application essays and putting together portfolios or audition tapes if necessary.


    • Register and/or retake SAT/ACT tests if needed
    • Mark your calendar with important dates and deadlines for applications and financial aid deadlines
    • Get started on your applications right away particularly if you plan to apply for Early Decision/Early Action
    • Ask your teachers if they will write a letter of recommendation for you.  Give them plenty of time to write the recommendation


    • Submit the FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1, 2021.  File your FAFSA online and always before the priority financial aid deadline set by your college.
    • Do any of your colleges require the CSS/Financial Aid Profile?  If so, you should complete and submit this application online.
    • Make sure that your SAT and/or ACT test scores have been sent to all the colleges on your list.
    • Search for scholarships that match your skills and interests.

    ** Try and make it your goal to submit your application at least a month before the actual deadline. 


    • November 1st is a priority deadline for several colleges.  Many of the early decision/early action deadlines fall within November - so be aware of those deadlines.
    • Continue to work hard in your classes.  Colleges will look at senior coursework and grade when making admissions decisions.


    • Most regular decision applications are due in December/January.  Be sure all supporting documentation has been sent and received by the college.
    • Colleges like to see strong second semester grades, so avoid senioritis.


    • Continue to search for scholarships and monitor the AHS Counseling website for local scholarships.


    • Most admission decisions and financial aid award letters will arrive by now.  Read each carefully and note all reply deadlines.
    • Complete any enrollment, housing forms, etc to the college of your choice.  Notify all other colleges to which you were accepted of your decision.


    • May 1st is “Decision Day.” Notify your college of choice if you have not already.
    • Let your counselor know what college to send your final high school transcript.