College Application Process

  • College Application Process

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    The procedures for college admission vary from college to college in terms of high school curriculum requirements, types of tests needed, and the application “pieces” that must be submitted for admissions consideration. It is very important for a student to find out what each college’s admission procedure is and the deadline for submitting an application.  The process of applying to college should be the responsibility of the student rather than the parent.  Once a senior has narrowed his/her college choices, the following step-by-step process should begin.




    Colleges want you to SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION FIRST, before submitting supporting documents like transcripts, test scores, and/or letters of recommendation.  Once you application is submitted, it is easier for the admission office to attach all other documents to your application. 

    Be sure you proofread your application before submitting it.  You can not go back and change or edit your application once it has been submitted.  

    Please be aware of application deadlines:  Always a good goal is to submit an application before the deadline so that all supporting documents can be submitted on or before the actual deadline.

    • Step 2: REQUEST YOUR TRANSCRIPT via Naviance 
    • Video Instructions:  Requesting College Transcripts
      • Login to Naviance.  Username: School email address; Password: (you have created)
      • Click on COLLEGES tab; then click “College I’m Applying To”
      • Locate “pink plus sign” on the right side of the screen to add a college
      • Answer the questions on the screen for the college you are applying to and requesting a transcript for.
        • Name of school
        • Application Deadline Type ( Early Action, Priority, Regular decision, etc).
        • Select how you are submitting your application.  Only use  “viaCommApp” if you applied through the Common Application.  All other applications are “Direct with Institution”.  DO NOt USE “I’m Not Sure”
        • Put a ✅ next to “I’ve already sent my application”
        • Click on “Add and request transcript




      • Order test scores directly from your ACT and/or your CollegeBoard SAT account.
      • SAT:
      • ACT:
      • Plan accordingly, as test scores can take 2-4 weeks to arrive at the school

    We recommend that you take both SAT and ACT in the spring of your junior year at least one time and compare your scores.  Then retake the test you prefer best.  You can take the test multiple times and send your best scores to the colleges as part of your application.  Please research your college because some schools “superscore.”  Superscoring is the process when colleges consider your best section scores across all the dates you took either the SAT or ACT.


    • Pay close attention to each college application to see if letters of recommendation are required. Either a teacher recommendation, counselor recommendation, or both. 
    • Be sure to know who they want the letter from and how many letters you need.  If you need a letter of recommendation (or two) have direct conversations with the teacher or counselor or send them an email asking if they would write a letter for you. 
    • Give the recommender a minimum of at least 2 weeks to write your letter.
    • Teacher Requests via Naviance: Video Instructions: Letter of Recommendation Requests
      • Login to your Naviance account
      • Top right of the screen navigate to Colleges > Apply to College, and then scroll down to the bottom and click “Teacher Recommendations
      • Use the drop-down menu to select a teacher(s) and add a note in the note box with deadline information and a “thank you”
    • Counselor Request
      • Email/talk with your counselor.  Complete a Senior Brag Sheet and resume.

    If you are using the Comm App, you must Match your Common App account with Naviance before the counselor can upload documents (transcripts, school reports, letters of recommendation)

    Video Instructions: Common App Registration and Account Matching

    1. Log in to your Comm App
    2. Be sure you have completed your current school segment of the Education Section
    3. Add at least one college to your “My College List” if you have not already done so
    4. Click on the “My Colleges” tab; select the down drop to the right of the college name and go to Recommender/FERPA section; click “Complete Authorization Section” read and follow the prompts to complete the FERPA form.
    5. Log in to your Naviance account.  Top right of the screen navigate to Colleges > “Colleges I’m Applying To” and you will see a pink banner to prompt you to “Match Accounts”.  
    6. Click the “Match Account” bottom.  Be sure you use the same exact email address you used to set up your Common App account.
      • FAFSA:
      • FAFSA application opens up October 1, 2021
      • Be sure and check with colleges and universities if there are separate scholarships applications that need to be completed