UIL PAPF Parent Instructions

  • 1. Send parent and athlete information to Coach Westmoreland, chance.westmoreland@argyleisd.com (Please send in a typed form so I can read it).

    Parent Name:  
    Parent Email:
    Parent Cell Number:
    Student Full Name:
    Student Date of Birth:
    Sports Played at Previous School:
    Do you currently live in the district?
    Grade for the current school year.

    2. Once we have entered the information, you will receive an email from the UIL RMA Portal titled “A PAPF has been started for your athlete”
    3. Click where it says PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK 
    4.You will need to use the login (your email address) and the password they provide. 
    5. Once you login, you can change your password.
    6. From there, you will have to fill in some personal information for login recovery.
    7. Next, go to the PAPF Parent Portal (Do not click on the Parent Register My Athlete Portal)
    8. Once you click on the PAPF Parent Portal, it will take you to the Eligibility Parent Page and you will see your child’s name.
    9. Click on your child’s name and begin filling in the information. 
    10. Please fill out the information accurately and to the best of your knowledge. 
    11. You will also have a section where you will need to input the names and email addresses of coaches and administrators at the previous school of enrollment. 
    12. Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.