Administration Building & Transportation Center

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    Due to student enrollment growth, capacity is needed at Argyle Intermediate School, which is adjacent to the Argyle ISD Administration building. The administration building will be repurposed for additional classroom space and the administration staff will move to the new facility in Canyon Falls.

    Scope of Work
    • Architect: Huckabee
    • Construction: Tegrity Contractors
    • Location: Adjacent to the new Argyle High School on Canyon Falls Drive
    • Cost: $5,000,000
    Construction: February 2021-December 2021
    Opens: Projected March 2022
    Serves: Argyle ISD administrative staff
    Current transportation facility space is insufficient to park the Argyle ISD bus and vehicle fleet. District growth will require additional bus maintenance bays.
    Scope of Work
    • Architect: TBD
    • Construction: TBD
    • Location: TBD
    • Cost: $4,000,000