Dress Code for Formal Dances

  • Dress Code for Formal Dances, Including Homecoming and Prom 

    1. Formal wear must meet the following criteria WITHOUT additional covering (ie- scarf, shawl, coat, jacket, etc). 
    2. No low-cut garments that expose cleavage in the front or sides for females, and males must have the chest covered at all times. 
    3. All garments for male and female students must be no shorter than fingertip length on front, side, or back, including slits and kick pleats. 
    4. Mesh, lace, skin color, or other “see-through” material does not count as coverage for the required areas specified in the code. 
    5. Dresses must be properly fitted and may not be cut lower than the natural waist in the back. 
    6. Trousers must be neat, clean, and properly fitted. They must not expose the underpants; no saggy or baggy pants are permitted. 
    7. All male students are required to wear a collared, buttoned-up shirt during the event. The shirt may not be removed or unbuttoned more than 2 buttons from the collar. 
    8. If a student or a parent questions whether a low-cut garment overexposes cleavage or is too low-cut in the back, then it is their responsibility for obtaining “pre-approval” from a same-gender staff member, appointed by the campus principal. Said staff member must observe the student wearing the garment in person prior to the event. Pictures must show the student wearing the garment (NOT a model), and should show the dress from the front, side, and back. 
    9. The campus principal or designee has the final authority to determine whether grooming or attire is appropriate for the event. 
    10. Two-piece dresses are allowed, but must not reveal 1” of midriff/back/sides.