Dress & Grooming Standards

  • Dress and Grooming 

    The school’s dress code teaches grooming and hygiene, prevents disruption, and minimizes safety hazards. Students and parents may determine a student’s personal dress and grooming standards, provided that they comply with the following: 


    • Students are expected to come to school in clothes that are: clean, neatly kept, and modest in nature. 
    • Both male and female students may wear long pants. Pants must be worn at the natural waistline – no sagging is allowed. Holes in jeans are allowed provided they are located below the length permissible for shorts. 
    • Both male and female students may wear shorts of appropriate length. Shorts may not be shorter than the length of the student’s middle knuckle when arms are relaxed at the student’s sides and must completely cover the student’s buttock area. Shorts must also have a hem – no cut-off shorts are allowed. 
    • Females may wear tights, leggings, or any spandex type material under a dress, skirt, shorts, or shirt that extends to the appropriate short length. 
    • Females may wear dresses or skirts provided that the length is at least 3 inches below the length of all fingertips. 
    • Students may wear shirts and blouses that are neat, clean, properly buttoned, and worn in a manner appropriate for the educational environment. 
    • Female shirts and tops must have at least a three-finger shoulder seam. More than one shirt may not be used to reach this three-finger minimum. Undergarments should not be visible in the armhole area. 
    • All students are required to wear shoes at all times while on campus. Flip-flop style shoes are allowed; however, house shoes and bathroom slippers are not allowed. ● All students are expected to wear appropriate undergarments at all times. ● Earrings are allowed for male and female students. Males are limited to small stud or small hoop style earrings only. 
    • One small hoop or stud-style nose ring, in one nostril, may be worn by female students only. “Bull-style” nose rings are not allowed. 


    • Male students may not wear sleeveless shirts or vests without a shirt with sleeves underneath. Male students may not wear oversized shirts that extend to the knee area. Pajamas cannot be worn to school as everyday clothing. Blankets are not allowed to be brought to school. 
    • Caps, hats, sweatbands, hair rollers, and other similar hair grooming items shall not be worn by either male or female students in the school building. 
    • Trench coats will not be allowed at school or at school functions. 
    • Sunglasses are not to be worn in the school building. 
    • Student contact lenses must be a natural color or shade. Distracting styles or colors are not allowed.
    • Students may not wear spiked or studded items or any item that poses a safety threat to other students. Wallet chains are also not allowed on the school campus. 
    • Students may not wear tongue rings, facial jewelry (other than one small hoop or stud-style nose ring for females), or facial decorations (other than normal makeup). Spacers, spikes, gauges, and mouth jewelry are not allowed. 
    • Students cannot wear miniskirts, split-side apparel, see-through clothing, halter tops, tops exposing cleavage or the midriff, fishnet tops, bare shoulder tops, tops that expose a student’s back, shirts/tops that fall off of the shoulder, bike shorts, sleepwear as outerwear, or undergarments as outerwear. 
    • Students may not wear clothing that advertises, by name or by symbol, any product that is not permitted in school, including but not limited to: drugs, alcohol, tobacco, profanity/obscenities, gang-related activity, suggestive slogans that promote/represent any of the previously listed, including satanic symbols, gambling, violence, or racism. Any shirt that displays, either by word or graphic, such elements as the macabre, gothic symbolism, weaponry, or inappropriate depictions of the human anatomy in any form are not permitted. 
    • No wheelies, Heelys, or shoes with wheels are allowed at any time. 


    • Students are expected to exhibit basic cleanliness and grooming that will not be a health or safety threat to themselves or to other students/staff. 
    • Student’s hair must be clean and neatly groomed. 
    • Student’s hair, by the nature of the style or color, shall not tend to create an educational distraction. The student’s hair must be a natural color or shade. Distracting styles (i.e. Mohawks) will not be allowed. No sculpted designs will be allowed in the hair or eyebrow. 
    • Bangs or hair must not obstruct a student’s vision at any time. Hairbands may be worn to ensure proper vision at all times. 
    • Tattoos must be completely covered while on campus and during all school-related events. 
    • Male students may have facial hair, but all facial hair must be neatly groomed. No designs or sculpting is allowed. Male students must be clean-shaven for the graduation ceremony, graduation photos, and yearbook photos. 

    If the principal determines that a student’s grooming or clothing violates the school’s dress code, the student will be given an opportunity to correct the problem at school. If not corrected, the student may be assigned to in-school suspension for the remainder of the day, until the problem is corrected, or until