How do I report a student's absence? Go To Report Student Absence Form Above

    What if my student arrives late? Please send them to campus with a note that includes: student's first and last name, date, and reason and signed by the parent. If your student was a medical appointment please send them back to school with the note from the doctor.

    What if my student has to leave early? Click Here to see Early Dismissal Procedure

    What time is attendance taken each day? Within the first 10 minutes of every class period.


    Please be sure to check Argyle Middle School Attendance Policies on the attachment for more details.
    • Reporting Absences - Please use the AMS Report An Absence Form linked above by 9:30 a.m. each day of absence.
    • Documentation - Excused/Unexcused Absences. Please provide a doctor's note or handwritten note to the front office within 3 days of absence for it to be excused. In the handwritten note please include student's first/last name, date(s) of absence and your name.
    • Excessive Absences - Students who exceed 8 absences in the Fall or 10 absences in the Spring will have to make up seat time in Truancy School. The amount of time is determined by how many days the student is over the limit. Truancy charges may be filed if a student is absent ten or more days or parts of days within a six-month period in the same school year, or is absent on three or more days or parts of days within a four-week period. This includes being late to first period or picked up early from last period. Exceeding 18 absences in a school year could result in the loss of class credit.
    • Missed work - If/When your student is feeling up to it - they can email their teachers of their Chrome Book and check Google classroom for any assignments that are posted.


    To check your student's attendance records (and grades) please log in to Family Access.

    For any other additional communications please e-mail   Wendy.McCue@ArgyleISD.com

    Additionally, there is the AISD Pre-Planned Absence Form if you know your student will be absent ahead of time. This is only for full-day absences and not appointments. All forms should be submitted to attendance at least 3 days prior to absence.

    AMS Guidelines and Procedures for Parent Pick Up 

    • If a student needs to leave early the parents need to have their student bring a note to the office that morning. The student will be written an “Early Dismissal” note. It is the student’s responsibility to show the “Early Dismissal” note to the teacher at the beginning of the class period they will be leaving. They may leave at the specified time to sign out in the office. This reduces the interruptions to the classroom and with this procedure, the person picking up doesn't need to come in the school.
    • Please try to pick up your student during passing periods to alleviate the number of interruptions to the classroom. Please refer to the Bell Schedule.
    • Please do not call, leave a voicemail or email for a pick-up time. The office is very busy and we cannot guarantee that we will have your student check-out on time.
    • Please do not text your student to come and wait in the office. A note needs to be sent in the morning before a student can be released for pick up.
    • Please make sure your student has an appointment, or excuse note every time they return to school. The student will sign in at the office with their note and will be given an “Admit Slip” to get back into class.
    • Please tell your student if they don’t feel well, the proper procedure is to go through the nurse first and she will call a parent to pick up when necessary.
    • Students will not be called out of class or given a message after 3 pm.

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Early Dismissal Procedure

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