Pre-K Enrollment Documentation

  • You will need the following documents to register your student:
    • Original State Issued Birth Certificate
    • The parent/guardian Driver's License
    • Student’s Social Security card
    • Student’s current immunization records or the original form of Texas State Immunization Waiver, signed and notarized *See below for required immunizations
    • Current Electric Bill or acceptable proof of residence from the list below.     
    • If you qualify for State-Funded Pre-K you will need the documents listed on the State-Fund page. 
    Proof Of Residence
    Listed below are the types of documents we will require for proof of residence based on your living situation:
    1.  If you reside in a home you own in Argyle ISD, we need your current Electric bill for that home (We only accept the electricity bill.) If you have not received your electric bill please provide your Deed of Trust (received at closing) along with your electric(CoServ) set-up letter. 
    2.  If you are renting a home in Argyle ISD, please provide your lease AND an electric bill in your name.  If the electric bill is not in your name, we will need your lease AND the most recent electric bill in your landlord's name.
    3.  If you and the student are living with a family that resides in Argyle ISD, you will need to contact Christy King at at the District Office regarding a Host Home Application.  You will need to provide the approved Host Home Form as your proof of residence. 
    TEMPORARY TRANSFERS UPDATE (12/14/21): Only available for Argyle High School, Argyle Intermediate, Hilltop Elementary & Argyle South Elementary. Argyle West is not accepting transfers at this time.

    *Required Immunizations:

    4 doses of DPT/DTaP/DT/TdaP/Td 
    3 doses Polio 
    1 dose MMR 
    3 doses Hib 
    2 doses Hepatitis A 
    3 doses Hepatitis B 
    Pneumococcal Conjugate (Prevnar, PCV7) 
    1 dose Varicella 

    According to Texas vaccine requirements - If you have any questions, please call Nurse Kat - 940-246-4007 ext. 52016

    Immunizations must be up to date in order for registration to be completed.
    Please make sure your child's immunizations are up to date before completing the online registration.  We are unable to complete your child's registration and place them in a class if immunizations are not up to date.