Charge Policy

  • Any student who comes through the Argyle ISD campus serving lines will not be turned away because of insufficient funds on their account. Students will be allowed to charge food purchases at all regular serving lines at all times. 

    Parents will be responsible for the debt that is incurred by their child. If a parent does not want us to allow their child to charge meals they can set a "No Charging" restriction on their account by filling out the Account Restrictions Request Form
    Restrictions will be added to accounts within 48 hours.

    The district highly recommends that parents sign up through SchoolCafe' to monitor student balances, see purchase history, set a la carte restrictions, and make payments.

    Our point of sale system will also send alerts to the parent email on file as soon as a child's account goes negative. 

    Our lunch loaner account is available for families with financial hardships who need assistance paying off balances. Please contact the Director of Student Nutrition Amy Bresnahan at 940-464-7241 x1010 for more information on how our lunch loaner account can assist your family.