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Edtech Takeout - PD on the go

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EdTech Takeout is PD in small doses.
It's designed to:
Fit into your busy schedule
Give you new tools to consider
Help show your growth towards technology integration
(if that is one of your T-TESS goals)
Watch when you have time, fill in a short form and you're done. There will be a new how-to video each month, sometimes done by me, sometimes by others. They will be listed under "On the Menu" below, with their links, for easy access.
The Details:
  • One short video a month (or two to total 8-10 minutes)
  • 15 minutes of Professional Development/Learning credit for each month's recommendation you watch
  • A form must be filled out for each video to get the PD/L credit
  • Using the info from the forms, I will generate a certificate for you at the end of the school year with all of your credit there, together.
  • The form can be found here: EdTech Takeout Form
  • If you watch the videos outside of your contract days, this can go towards your required summer hours.
  • This program is optional.
If you want help to use any of the tools, just let me know!
On the Menu 
May 2017:
A video response/reflection tool. 
Teachers can choose to moderate...approving each video before it is posted for the class to see.
Flipgrid has a free version and a paid version.
In the free version you can have 1 grid, but unlimited topics.
So, you could use topics to break up the responses by class period if needed.
Flipgrid works on all devices.
April 2017:
(There are two videos to watch, totaling just under 10 min.)
March 2017:
February 2017:
(There are two videos to watch, totaling just under 10 min.)
(Build better activities in minutes)
January 2017:
(There are two 4-minute videos to watch.)
Screen Annotation in Mimio Studio
December 2016:
(special, optional bonus feature: How-To use Padlet Mini_the chrome extension)